Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reasons to use Web-Based Time Clock Technology

The newest workplace technology taking hold are web based time clocks because they offer a great alternative to traditional time clocks that require manual addition of hours and days worked. Many companies are using web based time clocks instead of paper time sheets as well. It’s been shown that web based time clocks have become one of the favored technologies for tracking attendance and time worked as well as employee productivity, and can be used for on-site or off-site employees.

To access the web based time clock, all your employees need is access to a computer, a user name, and a pass code to enter their information into the system. The technology is great for those employees who work remotely and make it easier for the employer to track those employees and their hours. Giving employees access to the time clock from any location relieves stress and commuting time because they don’t have to worry about not getting paid for the hours they’ve worked. The web based time clock calculates hours and helps eliminate human error that occurs when adding up hours worked. This can translate to money savings on the company’s bottom line.

Maximizing productivity and reducing operating costs is something any employer can embrace. There will certainly be an upfront cost for the web based time clock but you’ll find it will pay for itself in money and time savings. When you consider that web based time clocks calculate sick, vacation, comp time and other days off, you will free up hours in your human resources department.

Employees embrace the technology because it allows them to see their hours as they progress through the week. It also tracks vacation and sick time so they don’t have to check with the HR department to see if they have time left for vacations or sick time. Web based time clocks reduce workplace stress and this leads to higher productivity.

Your web based time clock can be configured to show employee requests for time off, vacations, or planned sick leave and you can track it in the system. The employer can also show the calendar so employees know what spots are open for time off. You should consider a web based time clock for your workplace when you’re putting together your wish list for new items in the budget year. Your employees will thank you and so will your bottom line.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Types Of Time Clocks and Time and Attendance Software

In today’s complicated business environment, every owner is looking for a way to track employee hours and other payroll data in a fast and efficient way. Some firms use a time clock system, while others prefer a computerized logging application. Regardless, the system should be intuitive for all users, and should be easy to operate. The key thing to remember is that time clock software is supposed to reduce your processing time for the relevant data. If it does not do that, then the system is not effective. Make sure any system you purchase is able to handle hours worked, as well as accrued vacation time, days off, sick days, holidays, and bonus hours. There are dozens of reputable firms that sell various kinds of time clock software at all price levels. Carefully assess your own situation before committing to a specific brand of time clock software.

One reason for having time clock software is to prevent time theft by employees. Comprehensive, mechanized time and attendance software systems can eliminate almost all cases of time theft. Recent studies have pointed out that in the U.S. alone, each worker wastes five minutes of company time per day, on average. At first sight, that does not seem like a terribly significant number. However, for large firms, the time loss comes out to millions of dollars in expense per year.

A quality time clock software program is the best way to face the current national crisis of time theft. Even though much time theft is intentional, a proper system can prevent it. One way the automated systems deter theft is by cracking down on bogus overtime figures. Nearly every time clock software product can go a long way toward eradicating employee time theft. If for no other reason, every business should have some type of automated time clock method up and running. Otherwise, a firm risks losing several millions of dollars per year in earned revenue.

The time clock software rounds data in such a way as to preclude theft. It also sets specific limits on the amount of overtime that can be posted to any account. On top of that, the systems prevent buddy-punching, which is a major source of employee theft.

Finally, every worthwhile time clock program should have a simple interface, so that your company can easily exchange data with your payroll provider. By implementing an effective time clock software protocol, your company will be well on its way to accurate information management.