Thursday, January 3, 2013

Become More Productive This Year

We all know that our everyday lives are not easy. We only have 24 hours to take care of our business, our personal lives and still try to find some room to relax. One way to helping you etch out time for the latest episode or to take a job is to be more productive.

Here are some tips to help you become more productive both at home and in the office in 2013:

1.     Arrange: Get your desktop organized. Everything must be easily accessible so you do not waste time looking for something.
2.     Say "no": Only say "yes" when necessary or possible. Avoid doing things that take up time or cause stress.
3.     Schedule right: When scheduling a new task, take into account factors such as queues that take time, displacement and transit time.
4.     Simplify: At first, it seems that everything we do is essential, but it is not. Choose the tasks necessary to your goals.
5.     Consider life as a whole: Divide your day into parts because doing everything at once will only stress you out and kill productivity.
6.     Focus and concentration: Keep a to-do-list. Leaving things vague will bring distraction and forgetfulness.
7.     Organizing methods: There are many theories about personal organization. You need not follow any, but knowing them and select the ones you are interested. Getting better time clocks for your office would be one great way to organize the office space.
8.     Find your own way: Create your own methods of doing things that get the work done and keep you focused. Methods are different for everyone.
9.     What’s your interest in productivity: What do you want to do with your time? Remind yourself of what productivity brings.
10.  Do not miss the focus: For those who want to gain productivity and efficiency, the key is to analyze your situation, find out enough about it, find a technique that works well, and use that technique to help re-focus other time on your own personal goals.

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